L2M Rail undertakes direct R&D projects that result in the development of proof of concept (POC) and subsequent commercialization of the new technology. We undertake the customer-specific R&D projects as per the requirements of our customers in all types of relationships – Business to business (B2B), Business to consumer (B2C) and Business to government (B2G). We use our in-house R&D expertise to execute the customer R&D projects by involving the customers in the innovation process and using customer needs as the source for the innovation. Our entire organisation, along with systems and processes, is fully aligned towards Customer Centric Research (CCR) and Customer-Centric Innovation (CCI).

Our Path to Customer-Centric Research & Innovation:

Leadership commitment is crucial for both initiating as well as sustaining all initiatives for customer-centricity. The three actions that signal our commitment towards a “Customer First” paradigm are :

  • An enthusiastic emphasis on superior quality of service and customer relations, with direct interventions to help solve customer problems.
  •  Time spent visiting customers and listening aggressively their points of view and an insistence that all senior managers spend time with their customers.
  • An emphasis on customer and market issues – trends, needs, requirements, opportunities for advantage – during strategy reviews.

The following framework shows our path to customer-centric research and innovation :

Fig. L2M Rail’s path to Customer-Centric Research (CCR) and Customer-Centric Innovation (CCI)