When a business has Operation and Maintenance (O&M) contract in place, they know that their maintenance needs will be taken care of during the year ahead. L2M Rail undertakes O&M contract of all the equipment, solutions and systems sold by it. O&M is the ongoing process of sustaining the performance of our equipment and systems according to design intent, the customer’s needs and optimum efficiency levels. The O&M process helps sustain our customer’s overall profitability by addressing customer comfort, equipment reliability and efficient operation. Maintenance activities involve physically inspecting and caring for equipment. These O&M tasks when performed systematically, increase reliability, reduce equipment degradation and sustain energy efficiency. We take care of your desire to reduce operating costs and assure reliability. 

We undertake two types of O&M contracts, full-coverage contracts and annual maintenance contracts.

Full-coverage Contracts

A full-coverage service contract provides 100% coverage of labour, parts, materials and emergency service. Our personnel are stationed on-site for operations and maintenance. This type of contract includes comprehensive preventive maintenance for the covered equipment and systems. In the long term, such a contract may prove to be the most cost-effective, depending on the owner’s overall O&M objectives.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

We also undertake annual maintenance contracts (AMCs) of our products, solutions and equipment to provide regular maintenance with periodic inspections. We provide emergency support when you need it by placing expert technicians at your disposal.  You can focus on other things by leaving maintenance to us and get more out of your equipment and facilities.