We at L2M Rail undertake OEM based contracts. We are the original equipment manufacturers for all our innovative products and solutions. We also develop and customize the algorithms to make our solutions work and to collect data for the real-time monitoring of railway operations. We act as a value-added reseller (VAR) for the original equipment manufactured by us and directly sell our products and solutions to the end customers (B2C). We also undertake business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) sales. Further, we provide aftermarket sales of parts and services to our customers.

We carry out the design, development and supply of products and services, duly customized to suit the customer needs and specifications. After supply and deployment, we maintain them during field trials and for a definite period before handing them over to the customers. We train the personnel from our customers to run and maintain the original equipment supplied by us. If need be, we undertake to manage these products and services on behalf of our customers and provide cloud-based services.