Research is an integral part of Lab To Market Innovations Pvt. Ltd., whose primary goal is to conduct fundamental research, industrial research or experimental development; and commercialize the results. We also undertake the development of commercially usable prototypes, proofs of concept and pilot projects to showcase our capabilities in the commercialization of our research. We protect the intellectual property generated in the process by filing patents.  In the last five years, we have filed nine patents, and three of which were granted.


Patent NoSystems and SolutionsDate of filing
9A system for measuring vertical strain using packaged structure and the method thereof21/01/2021
8An apparatus, method and system for cyber signalling and train traffic control at railway yard28/05/2020
7A Packaging assembly and Magnetic mounting of Fiber optical sensors19/03/2020
6Device for determining contact forces at rail-wheel contact point, and system for calculating lateral force and the method thereof19/03/2020
5An apparatus, method and system for modular wireless train operation at railway yard02/03/2020
4A Method for Axle Counting, Direction Detection and classification of Railway Vehicle25/09/2019
3A system for temperature monitoring of an axle box using FBG sensors and the method thereof12/07/2019
2A Method and System for Air Brake Force Monitoring using FBG Sensors20/05/2019
1A Method and System for Vision based Air Brake inspection system in Railway coaches23/04/2019