Cyber Signaling is crucial for the management of Private Railway Sidings

L2M Rail has developed an exclusive real-time management system for industrial sidings based on our proprietary Cyber Signalling technology. The entire siding is monitored 365/24/7 through sensors and the data is recorded every second. This solution is a combination of IoT based Track Occupation Information System (ITOIS) and Wireless Operation of Point Machine (WOPM). Our solution is designed and developed to meet the main requirement of decentralization of control in railway sidings to support multiple operators who could be on the move. Cyber Signalling is completely wireless, and all data is stored in the cloud to provide real-time information to the authorized personnel.

Real Time Monitoring System for Private Railway Sidings

Our system is an end-to-end solution that uses IoT, artificial intelligence, FBG sensors and radio access networks for real-time viewing of yard operations and wireless operation of point machines. It enables the Yard Managers to view the yard operations in real-time on their desktops and mobile devices (Tablets, Smartphones). Historical data on all train movements and point operations are recorded and stored for historical viewing and analysis. Our solution helps in improving asset utilization, identifying inefficiencies in the system and aids in decision making. Further, it avoids derailments caused by improper manual point operation in non-interlocked yards. Our solution ultimately allows for better maintenance and planning of the entire yard, by helping the managers to anticipate failures before they happen.

Siding Control Centre (SCC): Cloud based Graphic User Interface (GUI) dashboard

The information from our system is presented in real-time in a Cloud-based graphic user interface (GUI). The landing page of the application is the dashboard where you can see the summary of what is currently happening in the yard, like the number of wagons/torpedoes unloaded, the number of point operations, average torpedo waiting time, average unloading time etc. The live view pages of the dashboard show the real-time status of all sections as well as the point machines. You can also view the train movement as the trains move in the yard.

Train movement: View the train as it moves

You can view the live movement of a locomotive across the yard by sitting in the comforts of your office. The train movement can be seen on your screen as it moves from one section to the other. You can see that a particular section becomes clear as the loco moves out of that section; and the adjacent sections get occupied, as the loco moves in. You can also view the point position. The graphic user interphase (GUI) also shows the direction in which the point is set on the track.

Wireless Operation of Point Machines

Our unique fail-safe solution enables the users to remotely control and operate the point machines, level crossings etc. It is an innovative mix of conventional products such as relays, motors and the current state-of-the-art technologies and wireless communication to provide a safe, smart and efficient control of fixed and movable assets of railways. The system provides the real-time status of the point and is secured against unauthorized operations through Login ID and Password. Our system enables the users to operate the points from a remote distance without any risk in hazardous areas. The system allows the Loco Driver / Running Staff to operate the points directly from the engine using handheld devices (tablets, smartphones)

Economy, durability and ease of operation & maintenance

L2M Rail takes pride in designing and developing Cyber Signaling Systems that are characterized by durability, ease of operation & maintenance. Our Cyber Signaling solution provides the industry’s top level of safety, durability and ease of maintenance, and continues as a highly trusted product. With proper training and user-friendly GUI, our systems are easy to operate. Due to the improved durability and ease of maintenance, the product’s service life increases and running cost reduces, which results in minimizing the lifetime cost.

Customizable to suit your specific requirements

No matter what industry you operate in, you most likely have your own schemes, processes, and tasks that function specifically for you and your team. At L2M Rail, we have developed a customizable Cyber Signaling solution to specifically meet the needs of each individual client. Our goal is to configure and personalize a system that makes yard management easier and more efficient. In planning a solution for you, we:

  • Thoroughly survey your yard / siding to understand the specific requirement.
  • Customize the entire solution to suit the specific requirements of the customer and the industry
  • Set-up real time cloud-based digital user interface customized to suit your business needs
  • Set-up the Radio Access Network (RAN) to ensure connectivity of the entire yard
  • Equip your team with training materials and user manuals before commissioning the system.

Modular: Easy to scale & reuse

Our Cyber Signal System comes with scalable and reusable modules. Our solution is fully modular, which can be independently created, modified, replaced, or exchanged with other modules or between different systems. The system can first be installed in the most crucial section of the yard and can be integrated into a large overall application depending upon the requirements. Our modular system offers benefits such as reduction in cost (customization can be limited to a portion of the siding, rather than needing an installation for the entire siding), interoperability, shorter learning time, flexibility in design, non-generationally constrained augmentation or updating (adding new solution by merely plugging in a new module), and exclusion. Our modular solution offers benefits in returning margins to scale, reduced product development cost, reduced O&M costs, and time to market. 

Your Own Secure Private Cloud

Our Cyber Signalling solution is cloud-based. All the subsystems are connected to the cloud through the high-speed Wi-Fi Radio Access Network (RAN). All the data is stored in your own private cloud situated in the same place as the railway siding. The information is provided to the authorized personnel on a real-time basis. All the authorized persons can control the train operations using mobile or fixed HMI devices. Train pilots can view the entire yard and receive alerts/warnings as the trains move in the yard.

5G Ready

The 5G revolution is already here. Fifth-generation (5G) wireless communications promise to shape the future of the Industrial Sidings by offering secure and reliable communications that result in ultra-low latency. Implementing 5G to the railway systems is advantageous in many respects. From improved communications to overall operations, the locomotives will be able to move faster and more reliably, making the railways a better option than other modes of transport. Ultimately, 5G is about delivering more reliable service at reduced cost and better safety. It is needless to say that our Cyber Signaling System performs at its best on the 5G communication network. We are ready with the required setup to experiment 5G as part of our Innovation.