Dhanaseelan Thangavel

Dhanaseelan Thangavel is currently working as a CTO(Axle Counter Plus) in Lab To Market Innovations Private Limited. He has 30 years of experience in software and hardware product development in the areas of IoT, Industrial Automation and Networking products. Co-founded multiple companies in the field of IoT and Renewable Energy. He holds an MBA (Entrepreneurship) from ICFAI University, B. Tech (Electronics) from Madras Institute of Technology and B.Sc. (Applied Sciences) from PSG College of Technology.

As a General Manager of Global Technical Support in Lucent Technologies-Bell Labs, Bangalore managed a global team from India, the USA, China and Ireland and supported Telecom customers worldwide. Worked in Bell Labs, New Jersey, the USA as a scientist in the area of Networking product development. As a Designer at IBM (India) worked on Networking products. Has given training to many Industry verticals as a Corporate Trainer in the area of IoT.

Some of the key projects completed are

· Provided Industry 4.0 – Smart Factory Solutions to customers in India, Nigeria and Ivory Coast for improving production efficiency, effective maintenance and energy efficiency for automobile parts manufacturing, food processing, garment manufacturing etc.

· Provided Asset Tracking Solutions with ultra-wideband tags for Geo-Fencing, real-time production monitoring and tool management

· Designed and productionized MPPT Charger to charge batteries from Solar PV and VFD based solar water pumps

· Designed and developed Network Management System for Optical Switches, Firmware for IP Switches, MPLS configurator for Routers

· Designed and developed Custom built Ladder programmer, PLC I/O cards and Firmware, PID controller firmware

His current area of interest is AI/ML in IoT, IoT Security and Training.

Email Id: [email protected]