Kausthubha N K

Kausthubha N K has a Bachelor Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Sri Krishna Institute of Technology, Bengaluru. She worked as a Project Assistant for 2 years in SPIRE Lab, Department of Electrical Engineering (EE), Indian Institute of Science (IISc).

During her tenure in EE, IISc, she has worked in various projects such as development of the online tools for acoustic boundary corrections in Automatic Speech Recognition (SPIRE-ABC), Keyword Spotting using Kaldi database (ASR/KWS template), Pronunciation Quality Analysis.

Also, she has worked as a Project Assistant for 2 years in ERNET-IISc PoP, Department of Electrical Communication Engineering, IISc. During this tenure, she has worked in implementation and management of network in ERNET India.

Her current areas of interests are in – Web Development, Programming languages, Embedded systems.